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Huron Spider Control

Huron Spider Control Inc.

We are proudly located in Point Clark and provide spider control services in Ontario, Canada. Our Spider Control Specialists are certified and licensed to handle your spider control needs.

Resolving your spider-related problem is our specialty. We understand that spiders pose more than just a threat to your personal space, their presence can be annoying, stressful, and potentially dangerous.

Our Spider Control Process

To effectively eliminate and manage your spider-related problem, we follow a  comprehensive process to ensure that we provide you with the outcome that you expect.

1. Discuss with you exactly what spider-related problems you are experiencing, where you are experiencing those problems, and what your expectations are.

2. Perform a thorough inspection of the problem area to determine the extent of the treatment needed and determine the best method to prevent the return of spiders to that area.

3. Remove unsightly spider webs from the affected area.

4. Treat the affected areas in an environmentally friendly,  safe, and effective manner.

5. Provide you with written documentation outlining safe and effective spider-prevention methods that you can implement.

Our 75 Day Guarantee

If a spider infestation occurs within 75 days of our service, we will review and correct the problem at no extra charge.

Don’t Want to See Spiders Again?

Contact us and we’ll set you up on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program specifically designed for your long-term spider control needs.

By implementing an IPM, you’re ensuring that spiders are eliminated in an environmentally friendly,  safe, and effective manner on a long-term basis.

Areas That We Service

Huron Spider Control

Thank You

We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our results. We take pride in providing quality workmanship, competitive prices, fast response times, and great customer service. 

Thank you for considering us, we appreciate your support.

Customer Reviews

John Mc “We had excellent, friendly service from Huron Spider Control, with no evidence of spiders remaining around our house. We’re so grateful to have this needed business in the community now.”

Family Pope “Kim and Eric are very knowledgeable, we were very pleased with the services we received.”

Sho Jarvis “Excellent billboard.”

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At this time, we only perform exterior spider control services.